Honda Money Gets You The King Of The Hill

How would you like to own one very fast Corvette for the price of a new Honda?  Offered at Mecum Auctions in Tulsa this weekend is a car that Chevrolet and the automotive press of the day called “King of the Hill.” Eventually, it would be known as the ZR-1, reviving a name given to just 60 Corvettes from 1970-1972. 

The 1970’s ZR1 was an unrefined beast intended for track use. No creature comforts of any kind were available. No radio, no air conditioning, power windows or power steering. If you find one of these ZR-1s in showroom condition, it will easily cost more than $150,000 today, most likely more in 2023’s inflated dollars.

The C4 version of the ZR1 is much more refined. Suitable for street or track, it was capable of 0-60 times under 5.0 seconds, unheard of in anything but supercars of the day costing many tens of thousands beyond the MSRP.  All this, and it cruises the highway yielding 25 MPG in air-conditioned comfort.  The C4 chassis was tweaked and upgraded to handle all that and fitted with 17” x 9.5” wheels up front and 17” x 11”(!) in  the rear. The ZR1could easily be identified from behind by those wide wheels and the ZR1 only squared taillights.

This particular ZR1 is a bargain because it has been driven just under a reported 63,000 miles. This is no garage queen. This is a car to drive and enjoy with little regard to how much you are affecting its value.

Offered this Saturday, June 10, 2023, as lot number S180 it will likely sell well below $50,000 including buyer’s premium. If you’re serious, do your own due diligence before bidding, we cannot speak to the condition of the car. With that said, this car definitely bears investigation if you have an empty space in your garage.

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