Why Cars & Convos

A Place for Anyone Who Loves or Hates Their Car

Cars & Convos is a place for anyone who loves or hates their car. You’ll laugh and learn from my automotive and business adventures along with those of my hardworking friends.


Gathering car and business stories from the distant past as well as from today’s headlines, you’ll find useful information and opinion on cars, work, and life. Having owned dozens of cars and businesses of one kind or another since before being able to drive (legally), I am often sought by friends for advice on cars and business. I’ve decided to write this stuff down so others can enjoy some of the exploits and hard lessons learned. Names have been changed or withheld to keep everyone (including moms) guessing.

I have made some wise and not so wise decisions when it comes to cars and just making a living. My experience with cars and work-life includes dealerships, auto centers for a major retailer, and working until dawn with friends. When not working on cars, I was a corporate rat for 20 years, finally settling in as a real estate broker/owner in 2000.


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